Parking Ordinance Returns

On October 27,  the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) considered a proposed new parking ordinance, linked below. The BCC asked staff to redraft the ordinance and provide a new proposal to the commission at the next meeting. Read the text of the proposed ordinance and discover how it would impact you.


Grand Jury Report Recommendations

September 24, 2015

A press conference was be held at the Walton County Sheriff’s  Office in conjunction with State Attorney Bill Eddin’s Office regarding a Grand Jury Report that is expected to be disclosed at 1PM.

This report follows the investigation into the operations of the Walton County government as well as the indictment of Patsy D. Blackshear, which was sealed until such a time as to be opened by the court.

READ THE FULL REPORT HERE  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Grand Jury Report Walton County Larry Jones Cindy Meadows

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting / Membership Renewal Notice

Mark your calendar to attend the Annual Meeting of the Walton County Small Business Association.
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 @ 12:00 p.m.

Marie’s Bistro (2260 W. Hwy 30A Santa Rosa Beach) Buffet Lunch $10.00/person, includes tax and tip Featured Speaker: Commissioner Cecilia Jones

We would like to encourage all members to reach out and invite fellow business owners who are not yet members to attend.
We will have new member applications available as well as 2015 renewal information for members. One of our goals for 2015 is to grow membership.

Nominees for the 2015 SBA board and officers will be presented for election. If any of our members would like to nominate a candidate for either of these positions, please email to
An item agenda will be made available .We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and a great beginning to 2015.

The Walton County Small Business Association




The Walton County Small Business Association is an   organization of small business owners in Walton County whose purpose is to serve as a conduit of information concerning issues which impact small businesses in Walton County and to provide a collective voice for the business community.  The goal of the Walton County Small Business Association is to strengthen and maintain a sound economic and business environment in Walton County, Florida

Changes; What you need to know

Changes; What you need to know
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The Walton County Small Business Association came about after  finding out about proposed changes to ordinances that have repercussions far beyond what is intended.. Here are 10 things you need to know about these ordinances that affect any and all small businesses in Walton County
Parking Ordinance.
1. Ordinance seeks to enact county wide changes for isolated county parking problems, some of which are temporary due to seasonal visitors.
2. Shared parking would be eliminated. This is used in some areas of the county when daytime businesses alternate parking with evening businesses.
3. Businesses would be required to supply approximately 30-50% more space for parking(depending on the use), when in most areas the additional space is not available.
4. Businesses that can’t expand parking space due to the lack of land become “non-conforming”, thus unable to rebuild or remodel after hurricane or fire, or other disaster. Any “grandfathered in” statements are simply false, if a business cannot comply with ordinance it will be non-conforming, losing grandfathered status.
5. The parking proposals are emulated in Destin and Panama City. South Walton does not want to be Destin or Panama City with asphalt and concrete parking lots surrounding a small building. The very point that south Walton is NOT like Destin or PCB is the reason we attract visitors and potential home owners to this area.
6. Some changes are aimed at isolated problems such as rental homes, but consequences devastate businesses and homeowners county-wide.
7. County has not conducted any parking studies or appointed a committee to review the proposals.
8. Planning has overlooked other solutions to the parking issues such as public transportation, feeder roads, parking locations linked to public transportation, revenue sources such as parking meters, residential designated spots, parallel parking, and others that a proper study would reveal.
9. County owned right of way can be converted to parallel parking.
10. The ordinance aims to address isolated issues in South Walton, however, the changes  will also affect the remainder of Walton County.
Outdoor Event Ordinance

1. The definition of “Outdoor Event” is as follows:

DEFINITIONS Outdoor event – shall mean any planned assemblage held outdoors within the unincorporated areas of Walton County.
By Whom? Person – any natural person, firm, association, joint venture, partnership, estate, trust, business trust, fiduciary, corporation, and all other groups and combinations.
(translation: 2 or more people anywhere in Walton County, outdoors.)
PERMITS: It shall be unlawful for any person to stage, promote or sell tickets to or conduct any outdoor event in Walton County without first obtaining a duly authorized outdoor event permit from the Walton County Code Enforcement Department (“Code Enforcement”)
2. This can be interpreted to mean almost any gathering by just 2 or more people in any location.
3.Walton County will require a permit for every instance of the “event” which must be signed off by the county, SWFD, WCSO, along with insurance, proof of ownership of property, plan of the property.
4. 45 days is required in advance for the event. If the definition is 2 or more people and can be interpreted to mean your own back yard, each time you want to have a barbeque you will need a permit, it’s absurd.
5. This ordinance change addresses collection of charity money at intersections. This can be addressed by its own ordinance.

Walton County Small Business Association